Lords Blinds & Awnings
Lords Blinds & Awnings 

Conservatory Roof Blinds Specialists

One of our specialities is fitting shaped conservatory roof blinds.


All our blinds are fitted with metal filo wire system to  keep the blinds properly tensioned and to prevent sagging.


All too often we see cheaper practices involved where nylon cord is used , Nylon expands under sunlight and will go brittle over time causing operating to be very difficult.


Pleated Roof blinds offer insulation from heat and reduce glare in the summer and help to keep the conservatory warm in winter.  


Have a browse through our gallery on this page at a snippet of the roof blinds we have installed over the years




Free Motors on Selected Luxaflex  Patio Awnings this Spring on orders from 1st March until April 1st 2019 

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